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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  May 16, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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now a lawsuit being filed against building owner and manager of the ghost ship warehouse in oakland were a fire code 36 in december. the penalty phase is underway as a santa clara county jury decides the fate of convicted murderer, antolin garcia-torres. resident trump taking to twitter to speak out against accusations he shared classified information with russian diplomat and what his national security advisor told reporters earlier today about the situation. ktvu fox 2 news at noon starts now. good afternoon, everyone . i'm mike mibach. >> i'm gasia makaelian. we're learning details of a lawsuit that's been filed in connection to the deadly -- up while house fire. >> the families of more than a dozen victim say the building's landlord and manager a lot for dangerous conditions. alex savidge joins us with more on the news conference that is
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about to get underway. >> reporter: we should hear from attorneys from the victims family shortly. those attorneys are saying that the ghost ship warehouse was unsafe and not up to firecode. we will give you a live look outside the alameda county courthouse in oakland where attorneys just filed a 50 page lawsuit against the owner and manager of that building and oakland's fruitvale district. we are expecting attorneys and families to be speaking soon. several lawyers representing the families of more than a dozen victims are filing this master complaint citing unsafe conditions in the building he will remember 36 people were killed last december when this fire started inside the ghost ship collect where an unlicensed concert was taking place. the building manager organized the event and charged an entry fee. he was also renting larvae/workspaces to other artists even though people were not supposed to be living in the workhouse. he is named in the lawsuit and so is the owner of the building. >> essentially the idea is that these people knew how poorly
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designed, how poorly maintained, how ramshackle this place was put together. there were not adequate electrical supplies. there were not adequate consideration given to the safety of people who were paying money to come attend events there. >> reporter: there have been other lawsuits already filed by individual families who lost loved ones in the fire. other plaintiffs will be able to join this master lawsuit which will make it easier in the end for the defendants to respond. that will be the next step in the process. the defendants named in the suit must respond to the allegations. we did reach out to an attorney representing the building manager for a comment but we were told that attorney only is representing him and criminal matters, not this particular
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civil case. as you heard a short time ago, the news conference is happening outside the courthouse in oakland we're attorneys for more than a dozen families of victims from the ghost ship fire have now filed this master lawsuit alleging unsafe conditions inside the building. is one attorney put it to me, they believe the people who were profiting off that building knew the dangers inside and ignored them. >> thank you. in santa clara county, jurors are deciding whether to sentence antolin garcia-torres to death. he was convicted last week of kidnapping and killing sierra lamar. >> allie rasmus live to explain what was said during the opening statements during this phase of the trial. >> reporter: there are just two options the jury has to choose from -- life in prison without the possibility of parole or they could sentence garcia- torres to the death penalty. antolin garcia-torres kept his
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head down and face expressionless during opening statements this morning. the deputy district attorney began making his case that garcia-torres should get the death penalty for the kidnapping and murder of sierra lamar. her body was never found. he asked the jury, is it fair and just that he extinguished not just her life but also her body? is it fair he gets to live his life? the the attorney explained they will hear testimony from sierra's friends, a former teacher and parents. he explained "some of these people are changed forever and they have a hard time articulate in what sierra meant to them. in some ways they are dead inside. this is the legacy of this crime. was quote >> there will be some very emotional testimony coming forward from her family about what it's like to allow your daughter to walk to a school bus and never see them again. that is the kind of testimony that's going to be gut wrenching for this jury. two garcia-torres' attorneys are trying to convince the jury he deserves life in prison, not
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death. the defense attorney told the jury they will hear from their witnesses including garcia- torres' ex-girlfriend and the mother of his daughters and his former boss at a landscaping company. he said garcia-torres' mom and sister will testify about his violent childhood living in poverty just poverty with a physically abusive debt. this evidence is not an excuse or justification for the crime. because you hold and telling's life in your hands, you need to know something about him. we are more than one or two events in our lives. >> the defense is stressing that we accept the verdict but now we want to tell you how we got to this point. those questions will also weigh heavily on the street. >> reporter: he reminded the jury that no matter what they decide, garcia-torres will never set foot outside a prison again. "it isn't about where he will die, rather it is how he will die. will be.a percent death when his time comes? over the government and his life on the a day it chooses? the choices in your hands."
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labarre's friends and family have held out hope that garcia- torres may provide more information on the location of her remains as a bargaining tool to avoid the death penalty. legal analyst say at this point it does not seem likely. >> if there were negotiations to be had a, it would likely be occurring prior to or during this penalty phase as opposed to after the verdict having been rented. >> reporter: so far on the stand this morning, two of the prosecution witnesses have testified that they were former classmates of sierra lamar who talked about their sadness and what happened to her and how they were forever changed by. my colleague will have more on this story coming up an hour later newscast. the penalty phase of this trial is expected to last two weeks. back to you. now for the latest at the white house. president trump is fighting back against accusations he shared classified information with russian diplomat been >> the new york times is reporting the intelligence disclosed was provided by israel. the disclosure could damage the
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relationship between the countries. joe waldman has more. >> reporter: president trump resorting to his damage control weapon of choice this morning, twitter. as president i wanted to share with russia and an openly scheduled white house meeting which i had the absolute right to do facts pertaining to terrorism airline flight safety. >> the premise of the article is false that in any way the president had a conversation i was inappropriate or that resulted in any kind of lapse a national security. >> reporter: according to the post report, the meeting last week with the russian foreign minister and the russian ambassador to the united states, the president revealed covert information related to a threat from isis provided by original ally. that information considered so sensitive it had not even been provided to u.s. allies. >> if this report is true, it would mean that the president may have badly damaged our national security. >> reporter: congressional democrats already up in arms about the president's decision to fire james comey who was investigating ties between
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trump members and russian agents, they are now calling the white house to release transcripts of last week's meeting to the intelligence committees. >> people was a pretty clearances on the intelligence committees, people on capitol hill will be finding out the actual specifics of what happened and then people will hear their collective judgment on whether this was a big deal or maybe not as big a deal. >> reporter: all this is the president is scheduled to meet with turkeys later today at the white house. what are the major topics of discussion -- the threat from isis. joe waldman, ktvu fox 2 news. president trump ignored questions about the russians. he was asked about classified information after delivering statements on to. he said he had a great meeting with the russian foreign minister and the u.s. wants to get as much help to fight isis and terrorism as possible. we had a very successful meeting with the foreign minister of russia. our fight is against isis is
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general mcmaster said. i thought, and i know he feels we had a great meeting. with the foreign minister. we will have a lot of great success over the next coming years and we want to get as many to help fight terrorism as possible. >> during meetings this afternoon, the turkish president is expected to address his concerns over the was plan to start arming kurdish forces to battle isis in syria. to considers the kurdish fighters terrace. the u.s. senate is scheduled to get a classified briefing about the firing of director combs he the search for the next director continues with president trump saying he intends to name someone quickly. some democrats say they will not consider a replacement unless a special prosecutor is in place to look into allegations of russian interference in the election. a white house spokesman says at this point the president sees no need for a special prosecutor under any
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circumstances. >> there is no need for a special prosecutor. you have two senate committees that are looking into this and i think if you look at what the acting director said. he made it very clear they have the resources they need and the work continues. >> spicer refused questions about the existence of any tape recordings from the oval office following a tweet from the president referring to tapes of his conversations with james comey. still had, a nationwide outage affecting people trying to get their morning coffee. what starbucks has to say about that massive morning outage and with the company believes caused it. officer down. it was a call that changed a teenager's life. the story of how tragedy for one police department later became an inspiration for a young police explorer. a windy and cloudy start to the day but he warm up is on the way. we will bring in meteorologist rosemary orozco with more.
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the computer problem hit a number of starbucks around the bay area. >> starbucks is assuring customers it was not hack. leigh martinez has the story. >> reporter: this store in danville locked its doors for about an hour during the morning busy coffee rush leaving some regular customers confused as to why they could not get their coffee. a quick check on twitter and you will find other customers
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at other locations experiencing the same let down. although a few locations such as one store offered will free coffee outside the store. the official word from starbucks was that a regularly scheduled technology update caused some locations in the usa and canada to go off-line. >> it's pretty important. we come here almost every day to get starbucks before we go to school. >> yes. i guess we will have to go somewhere instead. >> reporter: employees at this danville store say that this morning they ended up using an older version of the technology update they had to do. that's how they were able to get the registers running. and getting coffee served to the regular customers again. starbucks says that not every location has the same login. some locations will be down longer than others. leigh martinez, ktvu fox 2 news. there could be a few connection between global
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ransomware attacks and north korea. investigators say hackers are using leak software from the nsa to lock up computers and then ask for a ransom. one security company says some parts of the ransomware called wannacry, the hackers are using, contains the same code as the group behind the sony hacked three years ago that was blamed on north korea. they say it's possible the code was simply copied. >> some of it is beyond anything we've seen before. that led to infections and potential damage. >> the software has paralyzed banks come government agencies in 150 countries. this started on friday. hackers are reportedly holding the latest pirates of the carol brady movie for ransom. disney said someone's claiming they have access to a movie and threatening to release it unless the studio pays a ransom
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in bitcoin. dizzy did not specifically name the movie but according to reports it's the latest pirates movie which is set to open next week. the company said it's working with investigators and refusing to pay. the heck is not believed to be related to the recent ransomware attack that spread across the world. hopefully this will be out of here by the end of the day tomorrow. >> maybe tomorrow. we are looking at cloudy conditions today. temperatures are cooler. here is a look outside our doors. we are dealing with a lot of gray. it's widespread. even the possibility of a few sprinkles. here is of you of the numbers. 63, santa rosa. low 60s in oakland. 59, livermore. 61, san jose. temperatures are down a few degrees in and around the bay. livermore down by 5. areas over concord, 6. here's a look the system bringing us the cool down. notice noling california picking up on rain. we may see a few sprinkles but it will not be a big deal.
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we will remain with the mostly cloudy skies and breezy conditions. today is likely to be the coolest day. picking up on some moisture over the north bay. that will slide a little closer. most of this is not hitting the ground but we can't rule out the possibility of some patchy drizzle today. as we get into the sierra, a little bit of a rain/snow mix over areas of donner pass. 1-2 inches is a possibility. there is a lake wind advisory that begins later today. here is a look at your afternoon. not a lot of change. a lot of cloud cover. you are -- if you're going to see the giants play, it's going to be cool and breezy. even into late tonight, picking up on a little bit of blue over higher elevations. maybe the santa cruz mountains and the diablo range. outside of that it will be gray and temperatures will be well below average.
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here the afternoon highs. 59, san francisco. low 60s in oakland. 66 in santa rosa. 65 expected in san jose. now to the giants game. make sure you bring a jacket. mostly cloudy conditions with a west breeze. 25 miles an hour at times. the wind will let up over the evening but it will be windy getting in and out of the park. 56 degrees at game time. that will continue to call into the evening hours. here is the extended forecast. temperatures begin to rebound tomorrow. we will be off to a chilly start. easy in the afternoon. temperatures will rain from the low 60s at the coast to low 70s inland. into the rest of the week, 80s back in the forecast. mid to upper 80s for inland cities by the weekend. mid- to upper- 70s around the bay. 60s expected at the coast. today will be the coolest day but changes are on the way. and contra costa county,
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another car fire is under investigation following a string of fires in the past week. the most recent happened before 1:30 am on railroad avenue near third street. chp said firefighters quickly put out the flames and the car was towed away. investigators say there is no indication this incident is connected to the recent series of suspicious car fires and contra costa county where a 36- year-old man was arrested over the weekend and venetia. the developer of the building under construction on the oakland/emeryville boundary that's burned two times says he believes both fires were deliberately set. >> there's an arsonist who does not want this building built and we need to find out who it is and stop them. >> that is rick holliday. he owns the development company in charge of building 105 apartments and retail space. saturday, a fire spread through the construction site. in july of last year, there was another big fire. the alameda county fire
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department has not officially said if either case was arson. investigators are starting at step one. to speak with neighbors and speak with first arriving firefighters. two since the july fire, 12 surveillance cameras have been set up. the hope is the cause of the weekend fire was caught on video. city leaders are meeting this week to discuss the flaring of the bolero refinery early this month after a power outage. they had to release chemical builders to prevent an explosion inside the refinery. this guy prompted a nearby evacuation. officials tell ktvu the city council will hear a presentation about what happened including a timeline of events. then there is a meeting expected on thursday with various agencies to go further into today's findings. a new bill could have california drivers paying different fines for the same violation. after the break, how your income it may determine how much you pay for a traffic ticket.
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the dream of owning a home is becoming elusive for many people in california. according to the california association of realtors, only 1 in 3 can afford to buy a median priced home in the state. in the first quarter, a median priced single-family home cost more than $496,000. to make monthly payments including principal, interest and taxes on a 30 year mortgage, buyers have to make at least $102,000 a year.
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the situation getting better and sacramento county were the same homewood cost just under $320,000. many realtors have reported seeing people leave the competitive bay area housing market in search of larger, less expensive homes in more rural and suburban areas. look at the market right now. major u.s. stock indexes wavering between small gains and losses one day after the market closed at record highs. the dow jones is down 5 points. we know for plans to cut 10% of its global workforce but now employ 200,000 people around the world and the cuts will likely affect salaried employees. according to the wall street journal, this is part of the plan to cut $3 billion in cost. four chairs have fallen 40% of the past three years. there's an effort underway at the state capital to help make it easier for low income
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earners to pay off their traffic tickets. >> alex savidge with more on a bill that would give some drivers a discount on their fine. >> reporter: if this bill becomes law it would give judges in many cases wide latitude, a lot of discretion to reduce the amount of a fine for a traffic ticket by up to 80%. that is if a driver can prove they are unable to pay the original amount of that fine because of their income. people would only be eligible if their income is up to 2.5 times more than the federal poverty limit. the author of this bill, bob hertzberg, said this is an attempt to even the playing field. he said that hefty traffic fines that run hundreds of dollars are, in many cases, and annoyance to people who are wealthy but they can be detrimental to low income earners who often find themselves in debt. we spoke with drivers about this idea. >> i think it's a good idea. some people do not make enough money to pay tickets. a speeding ticket or something.
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it could be $500 or more. >> my thought is that would make it preferential for people that are low income, they want to break the law and speed and break other vehicle laws. knowing they would not get find as much. >> reporter: if the bill were to become law, it would not apply to fines levied for driving under the influence or reckless driving. the legislation, by the way, is opposed by the california district attorneys association which believes driving comes with a certain degree of responsibility. this bill likely will be up for a vote in the state senate in sacramento next month. alex savidge, ktvu fox 2 news pro-choice license plates could be coming to california. it's an idea sparking controversy. the bill is moving to the state legislature and would require the department of motor vehicles to issue a california trust women license plate. like other plates that would be an initial cost of $50. the annual renewal would be $40. the funds would be used to
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provide reproductive services to women including abortions. lawmakers in favor of the bill say the proposed license plates are in response to the newly proposed federal healthcare act they say unfairly targets women and planned parenthood. >> because the notion that we would have to ask permission or that we should even be expected to ask permission or have strange white men and washington dc making our most personal reproductive decisions is just, simply, appalling. >> lawmakers who oppose the bill do not think license plate of money should go to fund abortion. inspiration bar from tragedy. >> what were you feeling at that moment? >> i was scared. >> reporter: after the break. of a death of an officer in the line of duty 10 years ago helped define the future of a young police explorer who was there after the shots were fired.
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is palo alto police officer richard may was killed more than 11 years ago. one of the first people on scene was a 14-year-old police explorer, jose luaorozco. i sat down with josi to here in for the first time tell the story about that day and in doing so discovered how one man
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could inspire another to follow in his footsteps. >> reporter: saturday, january 7, 2006, east palo alto. they call -- a fight at a talker re-up. >> how many are fighting? >> reporter: alberto alvarez is one of them. a nearby surveillance video captures him walking away. east palo alto police officer richard may responds. in the patrol vehicle, police explorer, marco marquez. the officers her the chatter on the radio and responded. in the patrol vehicle with carson, and other police explorer, 14-year-old, jose luaorozco. >> i remember we were driving
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down there and toward university. i'm looking at josi. he was quiet. i looked at him and i said, something is not right. >> reporter: something was not right. radio silence. 12 seconds of radio silence. and then -- >> did you go any further? >> want you to know something was wrong? >> when marco got on the radio. >> reporter: josi was 14 years old, now he's 26. and telling his story for the first time. >> when he got on the radio and said man down. >> man down. >> and then we saw officer may's car in the middle of the street. >> reporter: did you see officer may? >> yes. i ran up to him. >> officer has been shot. officer has been shot.
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>> i saw he had a bullet to the head. yes. >> what were you feeling that they -- at that moment? >> i was scared. said. >> i had to get marco out of their and i had to get josi out of there. i did not want them to see what we were looking at. >> reporter: dave carson is now a sergeant with the police department. >> i had to lean on them for help that day. >> in what we? >> i was tasking them with things that we would normally do. drop some tape for me. look for evidence and make sure the scene secure. >> he told me to do things. do this. do that. i was like, okay. >> reporter: josi was eventually led away from the scene. the gunman tried to escape but was captured nearby and four years later, convicted of the killing. officer make was shot multiple
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times. he was 38. prior to his watch and east palo alto, may serve the country. he was a marine. >> i follow in his footsteps by joining the bering core. he was a marine. >> reporter: and two years ago, josi, just like richard may, became a police officer and east palo alto. >> i would say trying to convince the people that don't want us around, trying to convince them that we are not bad people. >> reporter: during one stop we found ourselves at the corner of university and weeks. yards away from where officer may was killed in 2006. two there are times that come through here and just drive by the house. it's a job i have to do. i just have to keep moving
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forward. >> reporter: two weeks ago on this warm spring day, a service to honor officers killed in the line of duty and san mateo county. two officer richard may. east palo alto. >> reporter: and it was josi who placed a flower and saluted a man in blue. a man who inspired him to reach high, to live the dream he is living today. >> i think he would be really proud of how far he's come. >> reporter: officer may's widow and their daughters drove hours to be here. >> it's hard. i'm seeing him. he is missing. he has missed so much. >> reporter: even so, she knows he has inspired and that his hard work and dedication to others lives on in another. >> he inspired him and was that much of an influence on him. he wanted to follow in his footsteps like that and i did not realize the impact he had on josi until the last few years.
12:36 pm
>> he was always kind to people. always talk to them with respect. that something that i do. >> the moment you walk over and the officer is on the ground, they talk about moments in life where you can go this direction of the direction. was there any second there where you thought, this is for me? >> no. after that, that's when i said, i'm going to be a,. >> reporter: and now he is. as he patrols, richard may's memorial bridge the. in today, his sergeant is dave carson, the officer he rode with that day 11 years ago. >> to know richard was to love him. he had this funny sense of humor. and josi has the same thing about him. it's almost uncanny. >> his biggest thing he tells
12:37 pm
us is that family is always first.'s >> reporter: family first. for this young officer, while he may patrol with a heavy heart at times, he is being guided by the light and the strength of a man who will always be his partner. by his side in spirit. >> east palo alto police chief says the second police explorer on the scene that day, marco marquez, is currently a police dispatcher here in the bay area. i reached out a number of times through the police department to talk to marco but he's not there yet, understandably, 11 years older. it's an emotional thing. josi also wants to be the police chief. hats off to him. >> absolutely. >> thank you for telling the story. >> thank you for bringing it to us. i remember we were one reporters the day -- i remember we were young reporters the day it happened. >> right.
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some story stick with you. that was one of them. san francisco police are hoping surveillance video will help them track down drivers involved in a rolling shootout that happened on mother's day. >> that's the sound of gunfire and it happened in a russian hill neighborhood close to the crooked part of lumbered. fishing that was between a dark gray sedan and a red bmw. you can see the outline of a gun being held out the driver side window of that red car. a person who lives nearby tell us he thought a car was backfiring but after reviewing security tape he realized he was wrong. >> i've been here 36 years and i've seen car accidents, kids get hit on bicycles, once in a while a car gets broken into. things like that. that's the first time i've ever heard gunfire. >> no one was hurt in the shooting. today at the berkeley city council will consider pulling out of the federal government's
12:39 pm
urban field program. urban shield is a training for law enforcement in the bay area and it takes place every year. organizers said real-life scenarios are used to teach officers and deputies how to deal with disasters, terrorist attacks and other major incidents but critics are concerned it militarize his police and it targets minority communities. a woman who survived a terrible car crash last saturday says it is given her new purse back to. apol lansang was going south on 101 from ukiah to a bible study class in sonoma. she said and suv heading north drifted into her lane and the crash split her chevy impala in half. she told her she had one thought as she imagined she was about to die. >> if it's my last day on earth -- i just want to say i love you to my family before.
12:40 pm
>> she was wearing her seatbelt so she had deep bruises and will be on crutches for a while but is otherwise okay. she said she's always been religious but now she believes her life was saved for a reason and plans to use it to help others. the driver of the suv was also relatively unharmed in is facing charges of drug driving. three people are under arrest with the connection of a child sex crime case that crossed state lines. watsonville police say one of the suspects is santa cruz neurosurgeon doctor james paulette. he was arrested sunday. state medical records show he's been disciplined in the past for viewing pornography online. a nurse is also in custody. the third suspect has not been publicly identified. prosecutors say there are two victims. one is younger than 10, the other is younger than 14. a hearing is set for today for homeless woman accused of vandalizing a san jose preschool. leticia monila was arrested on charges of burglary, felony vandalism and possession of drugs on friday.
12:41 pm
investigators say she broke into the tomorrow montessori school on may 4. police are she broke windows, ransacked the place and took off with a number of items belonging to the school. the damage was estimated at $10,000. the bottle school district is scheduled to vote on a controversial project is samarin heiskell. the school was to install eight light towers that are 80 feet tall on the football field as well is 36 other field lights. officials say that would give athletes more practice time without cutting into school schedule. neighbors worry about the noise. the district trustees will vote on whether to accept the environmental impact report on the proposal. a final vote is set for the end of the month. 1 of 5 middle and high school students say they have been bullied in class. a new study was released by the national center for education statistics and the justice department. 21% of students between the ages of 12 and 18 say they were victims of bullying and 2015.
12:42 pm
34% of lgbt students say they were bullied compared to 19% of heterosexual students. the number of sexual assault reported on college campuses has also more than tripled over the past decade. local school districts have launched campaigns to encourage students to be more tolerant. seven schools in the san ramon valley unified school district have been declared no place for hate sites. the school which includes california high and pine valley middle promote a safe learning environment for all. the san francisco giants are on a four game winning streak. the longest all season long. >> the golden state warriors are up for game 2 of the western conference finals. the spurs will be without leonard. windy and cloudy around the bay area but things could be starting to warm up. we will check back in with rosemary orozco for all the details after the break . [ whistles ]
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internet speeds 20x faster. at&t fiber sounds amazing. wait a sec, i'm not done yet. less than 12% of at&t homes actually qualify. huh... hold on. everyone else gets our other, slower internet speeds. but no one reads this stuff anyway. except for the old guy with the binoculars.
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huh... we got ourselves a reader. don't be fooled by at&t. xfinity delivers the fastest speeds to the most homes. tonight's game two of the western conference final is the worst get ready to host the spurs but the spurs are angry about the play in game one aggravated the left angle injury to their star, kawhi leonard. during a jumpstart he landed on the left foot of pachulia. gregg popovich never used were, dirty, but he did say that pachulia has a reputation for reckless play. >> it's dangerous.
12:46 pm
it's unsportsmanlike. it's just not what anybody does to anybody else. and this particular individual has a history with that kind of action. >> i don't agree that i'm a dirty player. i'm not a dirty player. i love this game and i'm playing hard. that's how i was taught from day one.>> the nba says pachulia will not place discipline for the fell. the warriors coach is defending the team he said the similar play happened to steph curry but the rest did not call it. >> he shot the ball and he went up underneath and avoided landing on his ankle by falling to the ground. my even asked two of the officials i said, that is the same call he just called on pachulia. both told me the difference was kawhi landed on pachulia's
12:47 pm
foot. steph curry avoided landing on the foot. that's why the did not call it. it's the same play. pachulia is not a dirty player. >> the warriors forward may be out for a while. he has a sore left knee. an mri revealed no structural damage. he played 10 minutes on sunday. tonight's game tips off at 6:00. the san francisco giants continue their winning streak with a victory over the dodgers. the dodgers took the lead in the third but in the fourth brandon crawford had a double to right field. then they added two more runs in the seventh. the giants extended the winning streak to four games. the longest we've seen so far this season. the series continues tonight. that was a great game. a different story for the a's in seattle. he walked the next four batters giving seattle the lead to
12:48 pm
start the game. the mariners made it 4-0 on a two run home run by nelson cruz. seger hit another home run and seattle led. the eighth got closed but the end ended with a strikeout with a bases loaded. a's fans have until tomorrow at 5 pm to get in on this athletics ballpark pass. this allows fans to attend every home game for the month of june for just $19.99. officials back -- expect to thousand packages will have been sold by the close of business tomorrow. the ballpark pass will go on sale again in july, august and september. it feels like september. more like february if you're trying to figure out where we are weatherwise. we really took a step back today. we are looking at cloudy skies and temperatures the coolest they've been all week. plenty of cloud cover and the possibility for a drizzle.
12:49 pm
the sierra picking up a little bit of rain and snow mixed. here's a live look at all the clouds over san francisco at this hour. temperatures are running cooler by a few degrees. with a cloud cover in place it will feel cooler as well. here's a look at where we are with moisture and rain over portions of northern california and over the sierra. here at home it's been a great day and will remain that way for all of tuesday. stormtracker 2 picking up on moisture primarily over the north bay. most of this is not hitting the ground but they make for squeeze out a few lights wrinkles in areas near santa rosa, petaluma. also over portions of the central valley. here's a look the secure where you can see the pink and white over areas near donner pass. right around this area, 6000, 7000 foot mark, a little bit or precept that includes the white stuff there is a lake wind advisory. no advisories if you're traveling 80 or 50.
12:50 pm
the chelation is about an inch or two but there is a lake wind advisory that starts this afternoon and will go into early wednesday morning. it will be very breezy if this is your commute. here at home, a lot of cloud cover for today. we bottom out today and begin to rebound tomorrow. by thursday and friday, it will feel like summer once again for many. temperatures outside right now are cool. 55, san francisco. 55, half moon bay. low 60s with mostly cloudy skies in oakland and mountain view. 59 in livermore. 63, santa rosa. on the peninsula, belmont, 61. in the inner east bay, pittsburg, 67. 57 in lafayette. this afternoon, we will remain cool. 65 in san rafael. upper 50s in san francisco. if you are going to see the giants play, it will be cloudy,
12:51 pm
cool and breezy. 65 in san jose. the extended forecast -- are we ready to rebound? it is going to be on the way on wednesday. a minor bump in the numbers but we begin to feel and by the afternoon with more sunshine in place. into thursday, friday and the weekend, to upper 60s at the coast. upper 70s around the bay. mid- to upper- 80s inland. take your pick, whatever you like you can find a destination that will serve you nicely for the weekend. mike is checking his bank balance. jerry garcia's legendary guitar up for a good cause. we will look at the iconic instrument and how much is expected to sell for. are allergies holding you back?
12:52 pm
break through your allergies. try new flonase sensimist allergy relief instead of allergy pills. it's more complete allergy relief in a gentle mist experience you'll barely feel. using unique mistpro technology, new flonase sensimist delivers a gentle mist to help block six key inflammatory substances that cause your symptoms. most allergy pills only block one. and six is greater than one. new flonase sensimist changes everything.
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another lawsuit being filed against the landlord and manager of the building in the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire pit >> henry lee was a news conference we brought to you live in this newscast. he is spoken with those involved in lawsuit and they say the warehouse was unsafe and not up to code. >> more on the lawsuit tied to the fire the killed 36 and december. that is today on the 4 on 2. a few minutes away from the
12:55 pm
closing bell on this tuesday afternoon is a look at the big word. the dow jones is down 6. the nasdaq wearing bitter, up nearly 20. wolf is heading back to auction. wolf is one of the legendary guitars belonging to the great that's jerry garcia. lauren greene tells us more about wolf and who will benefit from the auction. >> reporter: there's only one wolf, may garcia's legendary guitar. the infamous instrument will hit the auction block. this time benefiting the alabama based southern poverty law center. >> this instrument, in ways, is more than instrument. there were no more passionate band than those who loved the grateful dead, the deadheads. and that continues to this day. >> reporter: wolf first appeared in 1973 and became almost as well known as the grateful dead frontman. two it is the embodiment of jerry garcia at his very, very best. the heart of his career.
12:56 pm
i can't think of any other musician where fans knew the instrument and identify the instrument with the performer as this instrument is identified with jerry. not with elvis. not with john lennon. >> reporter: wolf was previously sold in 2002 at studio 54 where attached nearly $1 million. doubling the existing world record for any guitar sold. now the buyer has returned this instrument for an unprecedented one auction. >> it is a divisive time in our nations history. he wanted to do something meaningful with wolf with instructions to please sell it and give 100% of the proceeds, every penny, to a very wonderful organization known as the southern poverty law center. it has been fighting racism and poverty and hate groups. >> reporter: the auction will be held on may 31 following an evening of music made by various musicians at new york
12:57 pm
city's brooklyn bowl. lauren greene, fox news. i was getting a bit of a history lesson back here. >> there were a lot of guitars. he played mainly in the 70s although he started tinkering with synthesizers in the late 80s and 90s. the hope it brings a lot of money. we will see you back at for. -- 4
12:58 pm
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